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It's winter time!
Although we are no big fans of the cold, we must admit that we do enjoy a beautiful snowed landscape. 

Winter weather can be quite harsh on your skin and hair. Constant wear of high neck wool pullovers, scarfs and hats irritate your hair fiber and it becomes frizzy and dry.
Your skin can also become drier and sensitive. 

It's a good thing all our face and hair soaps offer you extra moisture and nurture during this time of the year.

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Our Holiday Giftboxes !

Delight all your senses with our holiday gift boxes
for body & soul.

Gift box small

Nourish your body and face soaps with two nurturing and skin loving coconut and sesame oil. 

Enjoy a moment of quiet and stillness during the hectic holiday season with a cup of delicate premium white tea. 

Gift box large

Allow your body and face to be deeply nurtured by our hypoallergenic soaps with coconut and sesame oil.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation with the delicate smell of rose and soywax.

Delight in the warmth and softness of the white tea experience.

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Obviously every skin and hair type is unique. 
That is why you might not have found what is suitable for you in our season favorites selection.

Browse through our whole catalog to find what will be a perfect match for YOU.

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