About us

Unique products for unique individuals.

Hyangsu Cosmetics was created with a drive and demand to change the world and contribute to the institution of a sustainable future.

We love to be close to our clients, have as much as possible crafted and made by hand and to do things differently in general.

We would like to be the invitation to seeing uniqueness and difference as something to be celebrated. Each of our products is unique with one of a kind patterns and colorings. As is each person on this beautiful planet is unique.

We were all born with more than average sensitive skins and had great difficulties at times finding products that would be gentle on our skins. Our mix heritage provided us all with beautiful yet often very dry and difficultly detangled hair.

Our products include each and every skin or hair type and even the most sensitive, wild or dry ones will find at least two products that suit them. And how does it get even better?

Contributing to a greater future

"What can I be and do today, that is going to create and institute the future I desire right away?"

Find here a short description of the projects and organisations we actively support.

Forest for Futures

"Forests for Futures is a project where people can sponsor a tree at the El Lugar resort. Earth requires trees to grow and thrive. Forests for Futures looks to protect trees from profiteering and exploitation. This is about creating a future where we live in communion with nature, being stewards of the earth." 

This project supports reforestation in Costa Rica.

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"Trees are at the root of all positive change in communities. While a huge amount of trees might have the power to offset humanity's greenhouse gas emissions, even a small number can radically change people's lives at a local level."

This project supports reforestation in Kenya

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