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The Collections

"Simplicity is the key to all true elegance" 
Coco Chanel

COSMOS Collection

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have stardust and cosmos wonder for breakfast?

COSMOS Breakfast Set
4x Oval breakfast plates 
3x Breakfast bowls

CRYSTAL Collection

Like carved out of stone with gold like threads, the CRYSTAL collection pieces will be an elegant and timeless addition to your every meals.

1x square plate
1x round plate medium
3x round plates small (as seen on photo)
1x breakfast bowl

EAU Collection

Simple and elegant square dinner plates with an edge.

EAU Dinner Set
4x square dinner plates 

GLACE Collection

These fresh and trendy dinner plates actually have two ginko leaves imprinted which are only visible upon closer look and come out in a certain light. Surprise effect!

GLACE Dinner Set
2x round dinner plates


Koï fish have been a symbol for longevity and  good fortune in asian cultures and waterlilies have been associated with peace, hope and  celebration across the centuries. A truly refreshing set of plates!

KOÏ Set (fine china)
4x square plate
1x round plate (see photo 3)
3x breakfast bowl (see photo 2)

5x saucer
5x small plate
1x medium plate6x large plate

LUCIDE Collection

Cloud like collection that adds a dash of lightness to every meal. 

3x cup2x medium plate
1x breakfast bowl

SAHEL Collection

Some pieces don't require an explanation. 

5x breakfast bowls

TERRE Collection

Warm and cozy feelings come up when setting the breakfast table with this set of tableware. Cheer up your winter days this year with our TERRE Collection.

2x tea cups
5x breakfast plates
5x breakfast bowls

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